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daywear Sentence Examples

  • Blues, grays, reds and browns work well for daywear and semi-formal dos.

  • Although probably not appropriate for daywear in as an eye shadow, the deep brown hue can really spice up your eyes and draw attention to them for evening.

  • Sophisticated dresses, certainly not for daywear, are this teen clothing designer's specialty.

  • Clothing for adult women had grown simpler and girls' daywear was also comparatively unadorned, but the layers that had used to distinguish undergarments could now be seen in abbreviated form on dresses for little girls.

  • The Puma Boys short features a longer leg that makes it a trendy choice for daywear, even if you are not playing a sport.

  • That is part of why, when you look at old photographs, almost everyone looks sharp, even in just basic daywear.

  • You can try a cotton belt for daywear or lightweight clothes and a good leather black belt is necessary for a black tie function, or just evening wear in general.

  • It was only towards the end of the era that wool and cotton became more common for daywear and waistcoats began to match the jacket and trousers.

  • Because a formal dress was only worn on occasion, more of them have survived than daywear.

  • A plus size woman who opts for a padded bra in her daywear will also be interested in plus size bust shapers in her swimwear.

  • Even if you don't dress your child in ruffles for daywear, there is something appealing about doing so when swimming.

  • While you want something that flatters her skin, this can also be a nice opportunity for her to wear something in a color or pattern that she just loves, even if it doesn't suit her for daywear.

  • Halter tops have long been fashionable, both in regular daywear as well as in swimwear.

  • Stick with minimal embellishments for daywear and one detailed version for fancier occasions.

  • The jersey fabric used in daywear, pioneered by designer Coco Chanel, was easy to wear and, especially, easy to wash.

  • The clothing reformation movement promoted more practical clothes for women, so many women began wearing blouses over long skirts with matching or contrasting jackets as daywear.

  • Even the most ardent female Mamma Mia! fan is probably going to stay away from them for daywear as well.

  • As daywear, the backpack was the mark of a student, whether in elementary school or college.

  • Katavi: It's perfect for hiking, but also for casual daywear.

  • Whether for nighttime or daywear, these shoes add flair to your look in an instant.

  • The brand specializes in camisoles, daywear, thermal underwear and warm underwear.

  • Look for a cupless bustier with adjustable, fine straps in a color that will blend with evening wear and daywear alike.

  • So, I began to research fabrics and manufacturers because I noticed there was definitely a lack of affordable, high quality daywear in the US.

  • After about a year of researching in Italy and at various European trade shows I found a special micro fiber and began working with excellent manufacturers in southern Italy to produce underwear and daywear.

  • All of Adea's underwear and layering tops are much less restrictive than the average daywear line, making them infinitely more comfortable.

  • They offer collections of lingerie, bodysuits, daywear, and outerwear.

  • Increasingly, older women were encouraged to wear pantsuits and even sweatsuits for most daywear with heavy-duty plain white bras and high-cut briefs underneath.

  • For some individuals, pajamas are an important daywear garment.

  • Go from practical daywear to a sexy night look in a few minutes.

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