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daydreaming Sentence Examples

  • daydreaming about Roland translate to more of being built.

  • daydreaming anything that.

  • So I'm still daydreaming, just in a more organized manner.

  • Calling a bet the cards they then units then daydreaming anything that.

  • daydreaming when you sit down to study.

  • daydreaming in class, the next he's fighting for survival.

  • daydreaming of the future, of escaping.

  • There's an element of fantasy in these magazines that makes sitting back and daydreaming over the photos a lovely way to spend an hour or two.

  • If the brisk chill of winter has you daydreaming of the warmer months ahead, take a peek at Benefit Coralista.

  • This frees up some mental space for learning, creativity, and daydreaming, which are all great for reducing stress.

  • When is the last time you found yourself daydreaming?

  • Daydreaming comes very naturally to most, especially when young.

  • The commercial will show Federline in a rap video, then cut to the downtrodden celeb as he is working in a fast-food restaurant, daydreaming about his rap stardom.

  • Daydreaming can be considered a type of lucid dream in which you are somewhat lulled into a subconscious state.

  • Plenty of bloggers out there are daydreaming about the next iPhone.

  • In the meantime, do a little daydreaming of your own for the "perfect" 4G phone.

  • Behavior may also change, demonstrated by reluctance to go to school, daydreaming in class, or a decline in academic performance.

  • They often spend lots of time drawing, building (with blocks, Legos, or erector sets), and daydreaming.

  • Crying, daydreaming, and problems with friends and in school are common abandonment behaviors in children of this age.

  • Children of this age group spend much of their time daydreaming.

  • Handbags, a personal favorite that she began daydreaming about at the ripe age of 10, were something she knew and loved.

  • He's not the type to spend a lot of time daydreaming or wearing his heart on his sleeve.

  • The daydreaming that is a hallmark of ADHD makes a person well suited to a career in music, art, or entertainment.

  • If you're daydreaming of going the red route for your special occasion, consider a pair of red prom shoes!

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