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dateline Sentence Examples

  • The only problem with this flight is that you cross the international dateline, arriving around midnight.

  • The Iraqi Government was given a dateline of 19th September 2000.

  • The fact that the majority of readers have dateline offset from GMT of just a few hours, probably won't matter.

  • END revised release dateline: 1 May 2006 BACK TO NEWS PAGE.. ... .

  • Debra has appeared on NBC's Today Show, Dateline NBC, Associated Press Radio and more.

  • Most people have heard of Dateline's special program, To Catch a Predator.

  • In fact, during her recent Dateline interview, fans couldn't stop gossiping about how Britney looked in her short skirt, too tight top, and sloppily applied mascara.

  • The author of the article, Joe Nickell, pointed out evidence from one of Edward's Dateline interviews that proved he'd used information previously obtained as part of one of his readings.

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