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darkroom Sentence Examples

  • We have at our disposal a fully equipped darkroom which ensures that control is retained over the quality of all finished work.

  • This course does not use the darkroom each week & will include a gallery visit.

  • I really believe you have to have time off to be creative, which is why I don't have a darkroom.

  • darkroom on the weekend.

  • After leaving school at sixteen I worked in the photographic darkroom of the Morris Motors car factory at Cowley.

  • RAW mode brings the latent image into the digital darkroom.

  • Digital printing, using desktop inkjet printers, has now replaced the traditional darkroom for many photographers.

  • Facilities include screen printing, digital video editing suite, a black and white darkroom, a workshop and meeting space.

  • All of which are created in the camera and then hand printed in my own color darkroom.

  • A further, small darkroom suitable for film processing.

  • darkroom becquerel placed.

  • darkroom printing and no I do not miss the smell!

  • darkroom photography that would compare to white balance.

  • darkroom techniques.

  • darkroom equipment with me.

  • darkroom supplies.

  • However, we are still the largest manufacturers of light safe darkroom Doors and Film Drying Cabinets for the conventional photography darkroom in europe.

  • We are not responsible for claims brought by third parties arising from your use of Second hand darkroom supplies.

  • led illuminator using an old darkroom photo developing lens assembly.

  • I can remember stealing time from the darkroom with the express intention of trying to unlock the secrets contained within.

  • He vehemently opposed pictorialism, the trend to alter photos in the darkroom.

  • It carries digital cameras, camcorders, photo supplies, darkroom and lighting equipment, as well as photo books and instructional videos.

  • Once you are comfortable with your camera, you will have more time to explore advanced techniques of creative photography as well as learn about the digital darkroom.

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