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dancewear Sentence Examples

  • This is dancewear at a price lower than you'll find in a dancewear boutique.

  • Capezio and Danskin are two popular brands for dancers, but the unseamed versions of footless tights from these dancewear makers can double as everyday tights.

  • You can find entire stores, both online and brick-and-mortar, devoted to ballroom dancewear.

  • Here are some sites to consider for your plus size dancewear.

  • Rivers Edge Dancewear offers made-to-order plus size tutus, swing skirts, wrap skirts, liturgical skirts, and character skirts.

  • When buying plus size dancewear, it's important to take your measurements and check the manufacturer's plus size sizing chart for each item to ensure a comfortable fit that moves with your body.

  • Once you decide on the style of dance that interests you, it's time to buy the appropriate plus size dancewear.

  • Reflections of Dance is an online dancewear retailer that also has a 2000 square foot showroom in Holland, Michigan that stocks everything you need whether you are experienced or a beginner.

  • Their dancewear is priced for every budget and a discount program is available.

  • Rivers Edge believes you deserve to look your best in dancewear that is sized just for you.

  • Pampos is a retail dancewear store that offers a wide selection of quality products.

  • You Go Girl Dancewear provides easy online shopping.

  • Their plus size custom-made dancewear is offered in hundreds of styles and colors making it easy to find what you're looking for.

  • Here are a few of their plus size options in dancewear.

  • If you've procrastinated about taking dance because you didn't have the appropriate dancewear, you don't have that excuse anymore.

  • River's Edge Dancewear: If you don't want a skintight top, but prefer more loose-fitting garments, the racerback tank top from this company offers that as well as a large selection of colors.

  • Consider the difference between dancing with plus size dancewear that features soft materials and beautiful colors and dancing in a gray oversized sweat suit.

  • You Go Girl Dancewear has a great selection including custom-made leotards.

  • Stick with traditional classics, like leotards and tights, or steal the show with some dramatic velvet dancewear.

  • Add some dramatic eye-appeal to your dance clothing wardrobe with velvet dancewear.

  • Girth is the most important body measurement for determining proper fit for plus size dancewear.

  • Other types of fabrics that are used to manufacturer dancewear are tricot, mesh, nylon, spandex, and polyester.

  • Action Dancewear: Choose from a wide range of dance clothing for all genders and sizes.

  • River's Edge Dancewear: Browse their collection of dance clothes, accessories, and undergarments to fulfill all your shopping requirements.

  • Ballroom dancers need to look sharp when they hit the dance floor, which is the biggest reason why ballroom dresses for sale fly off clothing racks in dancewear stores and are hot items on the Internet.

  • Affordable basic dancewear can be found in many styles; paired with a few killer accessories, these performance basics can really shine.

  • Triple Threat Dancewear: Founded by two sisters, this company is made up of a designer and a dancer in order to produce the most fashionable and functional dance costumes possible.

  • Shopping online is probably the best way to find swing dancing costumes to suit your needs, unless you live in a city large enough to support a dancewear shop.

  • Aida Dancewear has a good selection of practice and show dresses, as well as menswear and shoes.

  • Back Bay Dancewear has Latin dresses, ballgowns, recital costumes and dance dresses, as well as leotards and practice outfits.

  • Although these retailers specialize in providing discount footwear for dance, there are many store, shops, and e-tailers that specialize in dancewear and shoes where you can also find deals.

  • The good news is that online stores that specialize in dancewear understand that it's hard to get exactly what you want on the first try and will work closely with you to get the shoe that you need.

  • Dancewear Solutions puts the "fun" in funky yoga and dance clothing.

  • Whatever your mood, or if you'd like a variety to cover all your exercising activities, Dancewear Solutions might be for you.

  • If you do prefer to shop in your own town, look in adult stores that carry lingerie and dancewear.

  • Dancewear Solutions is a safe bet for finding shiny tights.

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