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crt Sentence Examples

  • aperture grille CRT.

  • The captured images are displayed on a CRT calibrated by the tristimulus colorimeter.

  • CRT variable is set.

  • Starting with the iMac in 1997, the range of computers aimed at home users always had inbuilt CRT or LCD displays.

  • Applications include intelligent CRT terminals, information display systems and video games.

  • An image is created on the CRT surface by varying the electron beam intensity for each pixel.

  • Your average CRT TV having no problem displaying this in interlaced fashion.

  • The primary function of Rade (UK) Ltd is on the disassembly of CRT containing products televisions and pc monitors.

  • stereoscopic viewing on their high quality 21 " CRT monitor alongside an 18 " flat screen monitor.

  • A typical CRT monitor will consume 80 watts on average.

  • For CRT screens there isn't a problem, just whack it on.

  • All of them can provide stereoscopic viewing on their high quality 21 " CRT monitor alongside an 18 " flat screen monitor.

  • For CRT screens there is n't a problem, just whack it on.

  • At one time 15-inch CRT models were the norm.

  • At one time the dot pitch factor was important in purchasing a CRT, but today's models usually have a dot or stripe pitch measure of .28 or lower which will do for most applications.

  • The average 17-inch CRT monitor weighs nearly 40 pounds, so your desk needs to be sturdy to support it.

  • The best overall CRT choice today is 19-inch screens which give you plenty of space to view detail and text comfortably.

  • This is because CRT screen size is measured diagonally corner-to-corner, reducing the actually screen viewing area by about 1.5 inches.

  • The rear-projection TV CRT is the most common large screen and has been around for about 10 years.

  • They are slimmer in size than the traditional CRT models, so you can move it against the wall to get it out of the way.

  • They are similar to the LCD version and lighter than their CRT counterpart except that you can view it comfortably in brightly lit rooms.

  • A CRT projector is a high maintenance type of TV, despite the fact it has great picture quality and good contrast.

  • CRT monitors are hard to find, eat up the real estate on your desk, and frankly are a thing of the past.

  • CRT: This is the old school, bulky type of monitor.

  • According to Consumer Search, some people who work with computer-aided design like the CRT style a bit more because of the superior color displays, higher resolution, and relatively low cost.

  • Flat Panel/LCD: The affordability of this type of monitor is closing in on that of the CRT.

  • The refresh rate mostly applies to CRT monitors, as LCD monitors will only work well at their native resolution.

  • Cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions are the tried-and-true television technology, but they are generally limited to 40-inch screens or lower due to general bulk and weight.

  • In today's market, computer monitors are split into two categories: CRT and LCD.

  • Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors are considered by many to be old-fashioned and outdated, but they still deliver a decent product.

  • If you have space available to accommodate a CRT monitor, and you don't mind that requires a lot of energy to function, then you might consider getting one on sale.

  • The upside of CRT monitors is that you can find them very inexpensively online and in computer shops, which often have them on clearance in order to make room for newer LCD monitors.

  • CRT monitors range in size from 14-to-26 inches; however, the cheaper models tend to be around 17 inches.

  • They generally display a high-quality image, are lighter, and are much more space efficient than CRT monitors.

  • However, LCD monitors typically cost more than CRT versions.Fortunately, LCD monitors have got cheaper in recent years, which makes them more accessible to frugal computer owners.

  • Another benefit of LCD monitors is that they don't consume as much power as traditional CRT monitors.

  • Once you decide between a CRT or LCD monitor, you must then consider other factors if your goal is to keep the price down.

  • Most 15-inch used CRT monitors should sell for about $20.

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