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crappy Sentence Examples

  • At some point, her life had gone from crappy to freakish.

  • They kinda have to be in a crappy part of town, where the criminals are.

  • "Hmmm.  Anyway, I took over the this huge corporation at a young age.  I kept too busy to get out much.  Not that I had much of a role.  I just did the crappy job while watching everyone else make mistakes.  When you inherit a job like that, you don't have as much say in the way things go as you'd like," Deidre said with some distaste.  "You see, I'm a dull person."

  • It was a crappy neighborhood, he remembered that much.

  • Now my desire is to live long enough and at liberty to take my grandchild to the crappy entertainments I once despised.

  • Felt good to collapse back at home with a crappy horror film for company.

  • Godforsaken crappy little town in in the bloody middle of nowhere.

  • Posted by: chas Jan 31 2006, 12:28 AM Them crappy pugs... .

  • snoop dog or some crappy belgian trance song.

  • I have yet to hear a song that isnt by snoop dog or some crappy belgian trance song.

  • It's called Carrier and may you live to tell your tale of crappy gameness to others if you happen to play this one.

  • Losing precious seconds could cost you your life, as it did when I tried to use the crappy interface.

  • Sure, they're never particularly current, and they can be crappy, but you get what you pay for.

  • Match horribly and you will drive your customers away with crappy looking accessories.

  • If you're a little gun shy, you can also do the online thing (there are way too many websites out there to mention, but a couple that immediately come to mind are PartyPoker and PokerRoom), or get a crappy version for your cell phone.

  • But I always like to say, all the crappy relationships that I was in led me to my great marriage.

  • I started working when I was 13, and was used to crappy jobs with long hours, so by the time I got to shooting on a soap it was like a dream come true for me.

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