Copulation sentence examples

  • There are thus two female openings, one for copulation, the other for oviposition, as well as a male opening.

  • It is probable that they acquire special sensibility at the breeding season and serve as " guides " in copulation.

  • age of the male modified to b, Fused terga of the prosoma subserve copulation.

  • Eggs deposited in a cocoon after copulation.

  • In this duct and sac the spermatophores received in copulation from another snail are lodged.

  • It is supposed to act in some way as a stimulant in copulation, but possibly has to do with the calcareous covering of the egg-capsule.

  • Spermatheca or receptacle of the sperm in copulation, opening into the female duct.

  • the molecular weights were the same as in use to-day.) This connecting link, C2, was regarded as essential, while the methyl, ethyl, &c. was but a sort of appendage; but Kolbe could not clearly conceive the manner of copulation.

  • It will be seen that each type depends upon a specific radical or atom, and the copulation of this character with any hydrocarbon radical (open or cyclic) gives origin to a compound of the same class.

  • Scorpio, being a terrestrial animal, fertilizes by copulation.

  • In Cephalopods and the majority of Gastropods copulation occurs.

  • There does not appear to be any true copulation.

  • - Batrachians may be divided into four categories under this head: - (t) no amplexation; (2) amplexation without internal fecundation; (3) amplexation with internal fecundation; (4) copulation proper.

  • This arrangement facilitates the internal fecundation of the female without copulation, the female absorbs the spermatozoa by squeezing them out of the spermatophore between the cloacal lips.

  • portion of which the ova or spermatozoa are developed, the lower portion serving as an oviduct or vas deferens; the female generative organs open at the middle of the body, the male close to the posterior extremity into the terminal portion of the alimentary canal; from this cloaca a diverticulum is given off in which are developed one to three chitinous spicules that subserve the function of copulation.

  • xxi.; Guignard, Sur las anthrozoides et la double copulation sexuelle chez les vbgtaux angiospermes, Comptes rendus (1899), 128; Flaberlandt, Physiologische PJlanzenanatomie (Leipzig, 1909); Die Lichtsinnesorgane der Laubbldtter (Leipzig, 1905); R.

  • The male, however, is a veritable pigmy beside the female, and during copulation presents the appearance of a parasite attached to her abdomen.

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