Congealed sentence examples

  • The weather was already growing wintry and morning frosts congealed an earth saturated by autumn rains.

  • But Dolokhov did not go away; he untied the handkerchief around his head, pulled it off, and showed the blood congealed on his hair.

  • By the time the army reached the little Ukrainian fortress of Hadjacz in January 1709, wine and spirits froze into solid masses of ice; birds on the wing fell dead; saliva congealed on its passage from the mouth to the ground.

  • At that epoch the same three opinions were taken up and congealed into dogmas, which may be considered characteristic of the churches adopting them.

  • In short, his whole voluntarism means that, while the inorganic world is mere object, all organization is congealed will, and all thinking is apperceptive will.

  • congealed blood lay at the bottom of his bed.

  • It is like molten glass cooled but not congealed, and the few motes in it are pure and beautiful like the imperfections in glass.

  • A single section can be removed and replaced without entirely emptying the stack, as a shell of congealed slag always coats the inner surface of the jacket.

  • If they were permanently congealed, and small enough to be clutched, they would, perchance, be carried off by slaves, like precious stones, to adorn the heads of emperors; but being liquid, and ample, and secured to us and our successors forever, we disregard them, and run after the diamond of Kohinoor.

  • With compressed-air machines which discharge the cold air direct into the insulated room or hold, a snow box is provided close to the outlet of the expansion cylinder to catch the snow and congealed oil.

  • congealed mass of material appears to emerge from a blank surface.

  • The ball of the human finger is but a drop congealed.

  • The color change is the result of gradual dissolution of the congealed blood by the normal blood enzymes.

  • My offerings to the Gods last night - slightly congealed goat filets in a crisp golden breadcrumb jacket - obviously did the trick.

  • A party isn't complete without some yummy side dishes like potato salad, slaw, baked beans, and a congealed salad or two.

  • congealed cheese.

  • congealed grease.

  • congealed in certain commodities, and consequently changes the value of those commodities.

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