Choosy sentence examples

  • In order to replace leavers, companies become less choosy in the agents they recruit.

  • The answer lies in being very choosy about the sort of paint you use.

  • It is particularly worthwhile because it flowers from late spring through to autumn and isn't too choosy about soil.

  • However, he had the reputation of being a bit of an adventurer and not choosy about ways and means.

  • Some dogs can be choosy eaters that will reject food they don't want.

  • As a lot of parents know, kids can be surprisingly choosy about what they wear while swimming.

  • For some reason, Solaris's USB drivers are quite choosy about what storage devices they will accept.

  • The need to move toward images and resonate with the new, discerning and increasingly choosy customers.

  • choosy females generally need to be much choosier about who they mate with.

  • Thrift shops aren't as choosy with their merchandise.

  • Kids can be choosy when it comes to fashion, so to avoid disappointment on all sides, give her some options when you can.

  • Girls under the age of 10 or 11, if a parent is lucky, have not necessarily been indoctrinated into the world of fashion to the extent that they are overly choosy.

  • Garden centers often grow plants in controlled climates and tempt buyers with flowering plants that may be too choosy to plant during spring's temperamental weather.

  • Any umbrella that combines durability, safety, and convenience should be well worth the price tag it carries, so be choosy and pick the best model you can afford.

  • Be choosy about where you want to wear your suit, and you'll be buying more fishnet swimwear in no time.

  • With so many dating websites available to singles in the United Kingdom you can be choosy about which sites you choose to join and post a profile.

  • choosy about soil.

  • Females are choosy about which male to mate with and males with large forceps tend to be preferred.

  • If you're looking for a book as a gift but you don't want to spend a lot of money or you're simply choosy about the condition of the books on your own shelves, you still don't have to pay full price.

  • This will help you decide if you are really cut out for a career in animal care, and it also looks good on applications for veterinary schools, which are notoriously choosy about who they admit.

  • Just as you would be choosy if purchasing a new swimsuit that you plan to wear all summer, you will also want to be selective about what kind of loose fit rash guard you purchase.

  • This is usually an important consideration for any handbag purchase, but since there are so many types of messenger bags available at so many different price points, you can afford to be slightly choosy here.

  • Often gaming sites that feature free games for children are not too choosy about age appropriate content, offering games with violent or sexualized content right next to those innocent preschool games.

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