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bushman Sentence Examples

  • Here we see the religious view of Cagn, the Bushman god.

  • Here it bends south again, and with many a zigzag continues its general westerly direction, crossing the arid plains of Bechuana, Bushman and Namaqualands.

  • to Bushman's Nek in the S.W., form the frontier of the province, the crest of the range being generally within Natal.

  • from the town are well-preserved Bushman paintings.

  • ==Mantis== Cagn is a prominent figure in Bushman mythology; the mantis and the caterpillar, Ngo, are his incarnations.

  • Upon the surface is coloring; red for the Bushman, with black whisker though female; white for the European type, with black tattoo patterns.

  • The rebellion was accompanied by an assertion of rights on the part of the burghers or freemen, which contained the following clause, the spirit of which animated many of the Trek Boers: That every Bushman or Hottentot, male or female, whether made prisoner by commanders or caught by individuals, as well in time past as in future, shall for life be the lawful property of such burghers as may possess them, and serve in bondage from generation to generation.

  • Bleek, A Brief Account of Bushman Folk-lore and other Texts (1875); D.

  • Africa (1898); Bushman Paintings, copied by M.

  • The colonists also, pressing forward to those territories, came in contact with these Ishmaelites - the farmers' cattle and sheep, guarded only by a Hottentot herdsman, offering the strongest temptation to the Bushman.

  • As an example we may take the instance of Qing, the Bushman hunter.

  • kai, a respectable Bushman once saw the personal wind at Haarfontein.

  • The Bushman who saw the Wind meant to throw a stone at it, but it ran into a hill.

  • 4 Bleek, Brief Account of Bushman Folk-Lore, pp. 15, 40.

  • He has a wife, an adopted daughter, whose real father is the " swallower " in Bushman swallowing myths, and the daughter has a son, who is the Ichneumon.

  • 2 Accounts of the Mantis and of his performances will be found in the Cape Monthly Magazine(July 1874), and in Dr Bleek's Brief Account of Bushman Folk-Lore.

  • This serpent was a universal devourer of everything and everybody, like Kwai Hemm, the all-devourer in Bushman mythology.

  • The origin of the Bushman is lost in obscurity, but he may be conceived as the original inhabitant of the southern portion of the continent.

  • bushman paintings on the property.

  • bushman rock art at Twyfelfontein.

  • bushman way For many years now I have been a fan of Ray Mears.

  • Here, again, a local guide will introduce us to the ancient Bushman rock engravings or petroglyphs.

  • Brandberg Mountain is an ancient Bushman spiritual site and tonight we will sleep under the shadow of this giant granite monolith.

  • Other of the farmers hastily laagered and were able to repulse the Zulu attacks; the assailants suffering serious loss at a fight near the Bushman's river.

  • Of these formulae '(chosen because illustrated by Greek heroic legends) - (I) is a sanction of barbarous nuptial etiquette; (2) is an obvious ordinary incident; (3) is moral, and both (3) and (1) may pair off with all the myths of the origin of death from the infringement of a taboo or sacred command; (4) would naturally occur wherever, as on the West Coast of Africa, human victims have been offered to sharks or other beasts; (5) the story of flight from a horrible crime, occurs in some stellar myths, and is an easy and natural invention; (6) flight from wizard father or husband, is found in Bushman and Namaqua myth, where the husband is an elephant; (7) success of youngest brother, may have been an explanation and sanction of " tungsten-recht " - Maui in New Zealand is an example, and Herodotus found the story among the Scythians; (8) the bride given to successful adventurer, is consonant with heroic manners as late as Homer; (9) is no less consonant with the belief that beasts have human sentiments and supernatural powers; (to) the " strong man," is found among Eskimo and Zulus, and was an obvious invention when strength was the most admired of qualities; (II) the baffled ogre, is found among Basques and Irish, and turns on a form of punning which inspires an " ananzi " story in West Africa; (12) descent into Hades, is the natural result of the savage conception of Hades, and the tale is told of actual living people in the Solomon Islands and in New Caledonia; Eskimo Angekoks can and do descend into Hades - it is the prerogative of the necromantic magician; (13) " the false bride," found among the Zulus, does not permit of such easy explanation - naturally, in Zululand, the false bride is an animal; (14) the bride accused of bearing be 1st-children, has already been disposed of; the belief is inevitable where no distinction worth mentioning is taken between men and animals.

  • Though the racial affinities of the Hottentots have been disputed, the most satisfactory view on the whole is that they represent a blend of Bushman, Negroid and Hamitic elements.

  • Jay Bushman, Matthew Richtel, and Matt J.

  • (A) In the round there are in the earlier graves female figures of two races, the Bushman type and European, both probably representing servants or slaves.

  • OfficialPapers Relative to the Condition and Treatment of the Native Tribes of South Africa, parts I to 5 (1649-1809), edited by Donald Moodie, late Protector of Slaves (Cape Town, 1838), the same writer's The Evidence of the Motives and Objects of the Bushman Wars, 1769-77, &c. (Cape Town, 1841); also Treaties with Native Chiefs.

  • The chief being among the supernatural characters of Bushman mythology is the insect called the Mantis.'

  • 2 Bleek, Bushman Folk-Lore, pp. 6-8.

  • Yet again, men came out of trees or plants or rocks: as from the Australian wattle-gum, the Zulu bed of reeds, the great tree of the Ovahereros, the rock of the tribes in Central Africa, the cave of Bushman and North-American and Peruvian myth, " from tree or stone " (Odyssey, xix.

  • This is precisely the Bushman view; the sun was a man who irradiated light from his armpit.

  • Among the lowest races the culture-hero commonly wears a bestial guise, is a spider (Melanesia), an eagle hawk (in some myths and south-east Australia), a coyote (north-west America), a dog or raven (Thlinkeet), a mantis insect (Bushman), and so forth, yet is endowed with human or even super-human qualities, and often shades off into a permanent and practically deathless god.

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