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bullmastiff Sentence Examples

  • I'm considering adopting an unneutered two-year-old Bullmastiff.

  • My Rottie is very laid back and easy going, and from what I understand about the Bullmastiff from talking with his current owner, he is very sweet and gentle.

  • Whether your dog is a tiny Chihuahua, a stocky Bullmastiff or a sleek Greyhound, wearing a collar that is a cut above the ordinary is sure to make your dog look and feel special on family outings, daily walks or at doggie day care.

  • Other breeds that were involved in a large number of attacks include Rottweiler (447), Wolf hybrid (81), Husky (49), German Shepherd (79), Bullmastiff (48), and Chows (52).

  • The Bullmastiff dog breed is one of the more popular large breeds due to these dogs' good natured temperament, affectionate nature and fearless guard dog tendencies.

  • If you're considering adding a Bullmastiff to your family, having a good understanding of what the breed is and what you can expect will help make the addition a positive experience for both your family and the dog.

  • It takes three generations of breeding before the Bullmastiff breed can be registered as pure bred.

  • The Bullmastiff is a massive breed that, while very powerfully built, is not at all clumsy.

  • A huge dog, the size of a male Bullmastiff typically ranges between 25 and 27 inches while the female can grow to between 24 and 26 inches from the ground.

  • Bullmastiff dogs are naturally inclined to roam, so taking them on a daily walk will help feed that need.

  • Thanks to its short, straight hair, a Bullmastiff is easy to groom, and there is very little shedding.

  • If your family is looking for a large-breed dog, a Bullmastiff is definitely one that you should consider.

  • My suggestion would be that you and the Bullmastiff's owner bring all three dogs together in a neutral area like a park.

  • If this also works out well, then it's likely safe to go ahead and adopt the Bullmastiff.

  • Finally, if you do adopt the Bullmastiff, I suggest having him neutered as well.

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