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buildable Sentence Examples

  • Experiment with the product to see if it is buildable, which means that the foundation can be layers to the desired thickness.

  • Foundations that are buildable are best, because less product can be used in the areas that are clear and more product can be layered in the places, that may need a little more coverage.

  • In addition, the color is nothing short of spectacular; it's sheer, so it offers "buildable coverage".

  • Buildable Coverage: Another feature that's really great about this gel is that the coverage is buildable.

  • The formula is buildable, so you can apply multiple coats, however, it's recommended to let dry each coat dry before applying another.

  • Coverage: Luminess Air offers buildable coverage that won't cake on skin like some traditional foundations can.

  • Mineral foundation: One of the more recent innovations in foundation, mineral makeup is lightweight and offers buildable coverage, so you can vary the application according to your needs.

  • Dora's Buildable Bedroom comes with everything a girl needs to furnish Dora's room.

  • The alarm clock comes complete with two Star Wars mini figures and a "buildable blaster turret".

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