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bruxism Sentence Examples

  • Three TMD related symptoms and reported bruxism were used as dependent variables.

  • The condition, known as bruxism medically, is not usually harmful, but if it continues on a regular basis, it can wear down the teeth.

  • Bruxism is teeth grinding, and the problem can lead to pain and discomfort.

  • A study from the Nippon Dental University in Tokyo, Japan found that participants with bruxism experienced shallow, unstable sleep patterns, and they had sleep disorders associated with teeth grinding.

  • Products for bruxism include standard items used to treat the disorder, as well as some surprising solutions.

  • The system's design treats bruxism, tension headaches, migraines and temporomandicular disorders (TMD).

  • This product for bruxism can keep you from grinding your teeth, and it can reduce jaw tension as well.

  • Hypnosis for bruxism is an unusual solution that may work for some people.

  • Among the most surprising solutions for sleep bruxism is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), which treats obstructive sleep apnea.

  • Snoring and bruxism are closely related, but more research is necessary to determine whether products for snoring can alleviate teeth grinding during sleep.

  • However, it is important to consider possible underlying factors that can contribute to bruxism.

  • Talking to your doctor about your symptoms is an important step in treating sleep bruxism.

  • This condition, which is known as sleep bruxism, occurs when you grind your teeth together or clench your mouth while asleep.

  • If you or your partner has sleep bruxism, it might not be obvious, and it may not require any treatment.

  • For most people who have sleep bruxism, it is not obvious until other problems develop.

  • Fortunately, teeth grinding protection can help prevent the complications of bruxism and keep the teeth, jaw, and mouth healthy.

  • In addition to wearing teeth protection for sleep bruxism, it also helps to address some of the causes of this condition.

  • Sleep bruxism: A sleep disturbance characterized by grinding the teeth or clenching of the jaws during sleep.

  • Sleep bruxism is common among children of all ages.

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