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bruschetta Sentence Examples

  • Starters include bruschetta, soup (the minestrone being a regular soup of the day) and garlic bread.

  • But that isn't beans on toast... ' " Rose said: How about making some bruschetta.

  • Oh, and we had bruschetta to start, with lovely fresh garlic and flakes of Maldon salt.

  • The brie bruschetta was fine but unmemorable and again was overwhelmed by rocket.

  • Pasta pairs well with wine and is especially good with bruschetta for an appetizer and chocolate for dessert.

  • You might want to serve this with some bruschetta and a light white wine.

  • Wine, cheese, crackers, smoked salmon, cookies and bruschetta are some examples of typical foods that might be included in a gourmet basket.

  • Heirloom tomatoes often have a richness and depth of flavor that is lacking in tomatoes produced for the mass market, but there is more at stake than flavorful bruschetta.

  • Try an ethnic theme to introduce guests to unusual foods such as sushi, bruschetta, or tamales.

  • With the addition of bleu cheese, traditional bruschetta becomes a patriotic treat that your family members and guests are sure to enjoy snacking on.

  • If desired, drizzle assembled bruschetta with olive oil and broil for a few minutes.

  • The menu offers whitefish cakes, bruschetta, pastas, soups, steak, seafood, and ribs.

  • For appetizers, the bruschetta and the fried calamari are delicious.

  • Guests can choose from a wide range of appetizers, including fried calamari, bruschetta and mini meatballs.

  • Try one of the delectable desserts such as dark chocolate bruschetta or grilled banana.

  • Starters include the house antipasto, bruschetta, soup of the day and various salads.

  • The restaurant have an extensive menu with selections ranging from burgers to bruschetta.

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