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bronzy Sentence Examples

  • At an open spot next to the lek Otte tried to attract bronzy jacamar by playing back his call.

  • Some flowers have pure colors, while others are more variegated and others combine several colors, like red tulips with yellow stripes or bronzy flowers with white stripes.

  • To put a little twist on the "smoky eye" look for Fall 2007 my personal favorite way to change the look is to go very "glowing" or "bronzy" with my choice of color palette.

  • Emodi, from the Himalayas, a plant 6 to 12 inches high, with large leaves cut into wedge-shaped lobes, their whole surface a fine bronzy red in early spring.

  • There is also a form with foliage a bronzy hue more or less throughout the season, but especially when young.

  • In the rosy variety the rosy hue is most pronounced in the young stage, and the leaf-stalks and the foliage are of a more bronzy shade of green.

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