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bronzer Sentence Examples

  • Oval face Blend bronzer onto your cheek hollows and highlight the cheekbones near your eyes.

  • enriched with peach extract, Aqua Flash Bronzer gives an instant sensation of coolness.

  • NB: goths do not use bronzer, rouge, or St Tropez self-tan.

  • NB: goths do not use bronzer, rouge, or St Tropez self-tan.

  • Powder: From blot powder to bronzer, they've got your product.

  • Use a bronzer or a liquid, cream, or powder in a shade or two darker than your foundation.

  • Basically a mineral bronzer, these products are best used on areas of the face that naturally receive the most sun.

  • The solution contains DHA, but also a temporary bronzer to help the technician apply the product accurately.

  • A Lancome Cosmetics version of the home self-tanning product is the Flash Bronzer.

  • You may want to try using a bronzer instead of blush to highlight your cheeks and give yourself a healthy glow.

  • Basically a mineral bronzer, this product is best used on areas of the face that naturally receive the most sun.

  • Too much bronzer during the dead of winter will certainly look contrived and not as formal.

  • Self tanner and bronzer is better left to those fun parties with your girlfriends.

  • Her blush or bronzer might start to fade while she greats her guests.

  • Maki-Yaz sent me three of their core products to try, a face powder, bronzer and blush combination, and eye shadow.

  • Using this bronzer as a blush was perfect.

  • Instead, I learned to lightly swipe the blush brush into a very small amount of the bronzer and then gently sweep on my skin.

  • It's a bronzer and a sunless tanner in a spray.

  • Using a slanted brush if you have one (if you don't, your regular blush brush will be fine), apply bronzer below your cheekbones and blend downward.

  • Bronzer Brush: Some people may prefer to use a blush brush, but I love using a bronzer brush to apply this tint all over the face.

  • My brush of choice is the NARS Bronzer Brush, available at Sephora.

  • Bronzer Brush: A natural tan is easily achieved with one of these four sun-kissed shades.

  • The Stylish Girl Look in a Box kit is the most versatile of the kits, and includes two eye shadows, bronzer, lip glass and MAC's Zoom Lash mascara.

  • If I want to deepen the color, I dust a hint of bronzer directly on top of the blush.

  • A Shimmer Brick compact offers five coordinating shades, while a bronzer typically offers me one rather muddy shade.

  • Bronzers: Bronzer blushes and powders will have you shining like a Bronze Goddess in no time.

  • If you happen to own a bronzer, a highlighter and a light powder, you don't need this.

  • Get the Look: This particular look is easily achieved with a bit of bronzer and a light nude lipstick.

  • Amid their large selection of cosmetics, Avon offers True Color eye shadows, blush, and bronzer.

  • The brand also has airbrush blush, bronzer and eye shadow, all of which is used with the same stylus pen for application.

  • Bronzer and Pearlizing Shimmer help you achieve a beach bunny glow or a candlelit sheen and are the perfect finishing touch to your look.

  • The bronzer allows you to contour your face and the shimmer highlights bone structure.

  • You can use a darker cream foundation or a bronzer to create this affect.

  • Add color, such as blush or bronzer, on the apples of your cheeks.

  • The complete cosmetics line features foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and a slew of lip products such as lipstick and lip stain.

  • The Makeup and Tan Full Body Kit contains everything you need to create a full face of makeup, including foundation, blush, eye shadow and eye brow and also a golden glow from head to toe using airbrush bronzer.

  • Luminess Air: These prices start at $169 and the basic Luminess kit includes two foundations, bronzer, primer/moisturizer, and a blush.

  • From there, you can add makeup, including eyeliner, lipstick and even bronzer.

  • For an instant burst of color on your legs, you can mix a liquid or gel bronzer in with your lotion.

  • In fact, quite a few competitors rely upon the magic of a good sunless tan base and layers of body bronzer.

  • The first is bronzer, which is a type of cosmetic that washes away with soap and water.

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