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brioche Sentence Examples

  • Serve the smoked haddock gratins with the toasted brioche.

  • brioche flavored with brandy or orange flower water and filled with crystallized fruit, from the Cantal.

  • On Saturdays, a number of treats are available, such as French brioche and carrot cake.

  • Not least because of its firm, savory brioche like flavors and persistent finish.

  • Food Choice: Ideal on its own or paired with fresh brioche, nuts and seafood dishes.

  • brioche Washington would become governor soviet citizens who any need of.

  • brioche loaf.

  • brioche toast with smoked salmon and topped with hollandaise sauce at £ 5.50 was far more interesting.

  • brioche tins.

  • brioche style bun.

  • foie gras with ginger and brioche, smoked salmon with creamed leeks and sesame and roquefort biscuits.

  • foie gras with brioche and roasted spiced plum was really good - cooked to perfection.

  • foie gras terrine and brioche.

  • A classic paté and chutney or foie gras terrine and brioche.

  • toasted brioche with pink gooseberry chutney.

  • Xmas Lunch Menu STARTERS Grilled Saint Maure Goat 's Grilled goat 's cheese on a toasted brioche with pink gooseberry chutney.

  • Load up before a long morning hike with vegetarian-friendly breakfast choices such as brioche, omelettes and croissants.

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