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breakaway Sentence Examples

  • breakaway from the Ancient order of Foresters after political disagreements.

  • breakaway from the bulky profile of the average pickup.. .

  • Antony Hart scored an outstanding breakaway try running 70 meters into the wind toward the end of the first half.

  • Conservatives threatened to form a breakaway Anglican faction unless Jeffrey John stood down.

  • We had most of the play but they had 3 lucky breakaway tries in the first half.

  • Hardworking Holmes was to have a memorable second half, creating two breakaway tries with long runs from midfield.

  • In another quick breakaway, Varney fed the overlapping Wilson, whose momentum made him a good bet to get past Ben Moore.

  • Rossi took control of the British MotoGP from pole position into the first turn as he attempted an early breakaway.

  • In a rare breakaway Thompson had the ball in the Cardiff net, but it was disallowed for a foul on Warner.

  • Indeed, the SDP breakaway would probably have not have taken place at all.

  • breakaway republic the war looks set to intensify.

  • breakaway factions emerge.

  • breakaway cable corner steadies jockey wheel Remove the wheels and brake drums.

  • breakaway goal near the end.

  • breakaway region of Chechnya, has displaced about 500,000 people.

  • breakaway group formed at the head of the field with our very own Gemma Sloan battling with the best!

  • For several years Britain was part of a breakaway, and financially disastrous, ' Gallic empire ' .

  • Categories may be split and merged as breakaway factions emerge.

  • The second half saw Leamington unable to capitalize on a number of chances with Redditch scoring a breakaway goal midway through the half.

  • And despite warnings from US president Clinton to stop the war and negotiate with the breakaway republic the war looks set to intensify.

  • Turkey fears a Kurdish breakaway state in northern Iraq could trigger renewed armed Kurdish separatism on its own territory.

  • Turkey fears a Kurdish breakaway state in northern Iraq could trigger renewed armed Kurdish separatism on its own territory.

  • Cats should also wear a breakaway collar and visible identification, and owners should search immediately for their pets if they go missing.

  • KeepSafe: This is a breakaway collar that will break loose if placed under heavy duress.

  • As a form of tribute for those who helped them make the game a breakaway success, Squaresoft made an entire series to follow.

  • Konami's breakaway hit, Silent Hill 4 is just as creepy (if not creepier) than ever before.

  • The controller was nothing special-kind of a hybrid PS2 and Dreamcast controller-but it did have a breakaway spot that was a few inches from the Xbox port.

  • If someone got a little rough or angry at a game and pulled the cord beyond its stretch-point by accident, the breakaway point would separate.

  • You can reach here easily from Calistoga and it makes a great breakaway for the day.

  • This version has a break-through windshield and a breakaway grill.

  • However, Kelly made critics do a double take when she avoided the sophomore slump with her 2004 album, Breakaway.

  • She released her second album, the pointedly titled Breakaway, in November 2004.

  • These enduring qualities have been responsible for his breakaway success as an artist and have earned him the nickname The King of Country.

  • Clarkson released Breakaway, My December and Thankful albums in the years following her American Idol.

  • She has released three albums: Thankful, Breakaway and My December All three have reached platinum status or higher.

  • Although Breakaway Fashions does not offer the personalization options that Team Sports Uniforms does, it is specifically for girls' jerseys only.

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