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break-even Sentence Examples

  • Through capital raised through land sales, the Trust achieved a technical break-even at the end of the financial year.

  • break-even at the end of the financial year.

  • NHS Trusts face several statutory obligations, including delivery of financial break-even, management of cash flow, and management of assets.

  • break-even point is where the total revenue line crosses the total costs line.

  • break-even analysis allows firms to identify the minimum level of sales needed to make a profit.

  • break-even budget would be achieved by the end of the year.

  • break-even figure.

  • break-even position for the existing UK business during the fourth quarter of 2001.

  • break-even level of 100 a day.

  • Meanwhile, BenQ asserts that Siemens Mobile should reach break-even some time during 2006.

  • Sales volumes are growing and we anticipate the business achieving break-even in 2007.

  • A measure of approach to energy break-even and ignition.

  • break-even in the current year.

  • break-even by end of the fiscal year [January 2003] .

  • I always think of cash-flow positive as nirvana, because if you are break-even or better, you control your own destiny.

  • This is your 'take home' pot that lets you break even.

  • The only system to break even a little of Nintendo's market share is Sony's PlayStation Portable.

  • The launch of the Xbox 360 shows some promise, but not enough to break even.

  • A refinance will save you on the interest rate, but the new terms may extend the time it will take you to break even with your old terms.

  • The company also offers a free, Break-Even Analysis for those considering refinancing.

  • Discuss pre-existing loans, liabilities, expected returns, projected sales and costs, break-even analysis, and pro-forma cash flow statements.

  • Financial projections (monthly and quarterly), a forecast for the next five years, and a break even analysis will also be found here.

  • How many calories you should aim for depends on your body size and current metabolism, but let's say you normally take in about 2000 calories per day as a break-even point.

  • This estimation will inform you of whether you can expect to receive a refund, owe money or will break even on your yearly tax obligations.

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