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brasil Sentence Examples

  • In the world of certified organic beauty products, Surya Brasil is one company that is unique above all others.

  • Surya Brasil uses native herbs from Brazil and the principles of Ayurveda from India to create the perfect combination of innovative beauty products that include hair care, body care and even a line of men's skin care products.

  • Recently, LoveToKnow was able to speak with Clelia Angelon, CEO and Founder of Surya Brasil, about how her company got its start and what it has to offer.

  • Out of that business, Clelia started Surya Brasil with a dedicated commitment to socially and environmentally responsible initiatives by creating body care products that were healthy and natural.

  • At that time, many thought it was too good to be true, but Clelia made it a reality with Surya Brasil.

  • Surya Brasil emerged in 1978 from my imported products business called the Vedic Hindus Company.

  • No. Surya Brasil hair coloring is semi-permanent.

  • Surya Brasil is a pioneer in the body care industry that has united Ayurvedic science with the traditional knowledge of Amazonian natives, plus sophisticated technology to benefit hair and body.

  • Guided by these principles, Surya Brasil does not use harmful substances.

  • Sapien Men - Sapien Men is Surya Brasil's first men's cosmetic line, and the first men's line in Brazil with Ecocert organic certification.

  • Surya Henna - Surya Brasil presents two options of this line.

  • These are not complaints heard from consumers that have used Surya Brasil's henna products!

  • In the US, you can find Surya Brasil certified organic beauty products at health food stores, some drug stores and a few beauty supply stores.

  • For more information on Surya Brasil, visit their website at or

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