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brandi Sentence Examples

  • (1876); Antonio Brandi, G.

  • (1876); Antonio Brandi, G.

  • If the day ever came when Miley Cyrus developed an inflated ego from being a tween superstar, brothers Christopher, Trace and Braison as well as sisters Brandi and Noah, would surely keep her grounded.

  • Brandi C. became an adult actresses after the show; her stage name is Brittney Burke.

  • Brandi M was already in adult films and her name was Pamela or sometimes Purely Pamela.

  • Vanessa's attack on Brandi was much talked about.That's Amore is a competitive dating show with former contestant Domenico, who was eliminated in Episode 4 of season one.

  • There are extended scenes of some of the more popular episodes as well as deleted scenes, especially of the infamous Vanessa and Brandi shower scene.

  • There was great animosity between Megan and Brandi on one side and Pumkin and Toastee on the other.

  • Brandi C has graced three VH1 shows and counting, and the reaction she provokes is never middle of the road.

  • Love her or love to hate her, there is no ignoring Brandi C.

  • For Brandi C (real name Brandi Cunningham), reality TV stardom all began with Bret Michaels and the Rock of Love house.

  • As a cast member of season one of that series, Brandi made an impact almost the minute she appeared on camera.

  • Brandi is known on that show for her friendship with Krista and for telling Michaels that if they were a couple, she wouldn't mind allowing him to have other girlfriends.

  • She is also known for getting into an altercation with a fellow contestant Erin Shattuck after Erin called referred to Brandi's "meth scratched face."

  • Brandi revealed in that episode that the scratches on her face were from a car accident.

  • The next time viewers got a taste of Brandi C.

  • Brandi's behavior on this show cemented her reputation as one of the top rung VH1 stars.

  • Brandi hooked up with uber villain Megan Hauserman during the I Love Money taping, and the two became best friends.

  • There was no love lost between Brandi and Megan and Toasteee and Pumkin, and when this alliance broke apart, it caused one of the biggest fights of the season.

  • Brandi C. quit I Love Money during the Pole Riders in the Sky episode.

  • Right on the heels of I Love Money, Brandi C returned to VH1 screens in the second season of Charm School.

  • Her partner in crime Megan Hauserman was also in Charm School with her and their friendship proved to be a source of contention between Brandi and the other contestants and the school deans.

  • Everyone believed that Brandi allowed Megan to manipulate her too much, but Brandi's loyalty never wavered.

  • Megan and Brandi also joined forced with Lacey to provoke other members of the house.

  • One night, when Heather was drunk, Lacey egged Brandi on to scream in Heather's face.

  • Fellow contestant Destiny told Brandi to leave Heather alone, and Brandi spit in Destiny's face.

  • Brandi stated the next day that she didn't remember the incident and apologized profusely to Destiny.

  • Destiny accepted Brandi's apology, but it wasn't enough for the school deans.

  • Brandi C.'s private life is consistently a hot topic in the blog world.

  • It is a valid point, highlighted by the controversy over Brandi Chastain's soccer jersey coming off during the 1999 World Cup.

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