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braless Sentence Examples

  • He's gotten more looks than a braless cheerleader but nothing has stuck.

  • He's gotten more looks than a braless cheerleader but nothing has stuck.

  • Some women may opt to go braless, which is fine if they're small-busted.

  • Even if you are braless underneath your halter, you can simply button up a cardigan up to below your collarbone, letting just a small peek of fabric and tie show.

  • They're also used by anyone who wants to go braless and not get arrested.

  • She had to go to a bathroom and take it off and be braless the rest of the day.

  • If you are not comfortable with going braless then a shelf bra would give you the feeling of wearing something while giving your partner the look of wearing nothing on top.

  • If you are small-chested, you may want to consider going braless.

  • It's also a great choice if you feel like being a little naughty by going braless, but just don't quite dare.

  • You may be able to go braless, but you can also wear a strapless bra.

  • This type of bustier features a cupless silhouette that allows you to wear your own bra or aim for the braless look with an open-bust foundation worn under a t-shirt.

  • If you're used to going braless, then the adjustment period will be shortened considerably.

  • Simple layers can give the wearer a braless look for a racy effect under thin fabrics, and other styles are excellent for the bedroom.

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