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brainpower Sentence Examples

  • Now researchers in the US have discovered that good old cup of java may help to boost the brainpower of such people.

  • Will your child have enough brainpower for a satisfying adult life?

  • The product is so new there is almost no feedback from SMEs â so be aware your new toy may require serious brainpower.

  • There's no point me trying to do anything that involves much brainpower when I'm that tired.

  • That's because we depend on the collective brainpower and creativity of everyone who works with us.

  • The Ministry of Defense's scientific brainpower is even more concentrated in the south of England.

  • Despite the enormous capacity of the human brain, we only utilize on average less than three percent of our potential brainpower.

  • According to Moore's law, computer hardware will surpass human brainpower in the first decade of this century.

  • Luckily Elisa has loads more brainpower than dizzy Amber!

  • implosion method to work nearly defeated the collective scientific brainpower assembled for the wartime Manhattan Project.

  • A fresh perspective and additional brainpower often provides just what the company needs to get it out of the doldrums.

  • There is nothing complicated and they don't take too much brainpower to play.

  • If you'd like to provide that brainpower yourself, there are several universities offering language degrees with a special focus on translation.

  • You're just boasting your brainpower on the outside.

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