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brain-dead Sentence Examples

  • brain-dead patient who is about to become an organ " donor " has a beating heart.

  • brain-dead donors may not be given by bereaved relatives.

  • brain-dead, deaf, Burberry wearing alien.

  • brain-dead simple to use.

  • As easy as a zombie is to drink, I assure you that one too many of these tasty drinks will turn you into an extra from the Night of the Living Brain Dead.

  • The family had to make a critical decision about his fate after doctors reported that he was brain-dead.

  • A heart transplant involves replacing the child's heart with a healthy heart from a donor who has died or been declared brain dead.

  • The unthinkable happened when BJ Jones was in an accident that rendered her brain dead.

  • Patty's actions also led to the death of Colleen Carlton, whose heart was used to save Victor's life after she was pronounced brain dead.

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