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bpa Sentence Examples

  • The Web site contains a number of BPA safety documents, notices and manuals, including anti doping policy, in Word format.

  • The BPA put to good use every penny raised and you will be helping our Paralympic athletes reach their true potential.

  • There is also a need for improved labeling of products that contain BPA and other endocrine disrupting chemicals.

  • BPA is used in epoxy resins & plastic polymers & has been shown to mimic the effects of the naturally occurring sex hormone estradiol.

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  • Those who are concerned with minimizing their exposure to potentially harmful chemicals have recently begun to take a keen interest in BPA plastic.

  • While you might not know what BPA plastic is, you undoubtedly come in contact with it on a daily basis as BPA is used in the manufacturing of many plastic bottles.

  • This article will give you a brief background of BPA plastic, will highlight the potential health risks associated with it, and will provide you with suggestions for how to avoid coming in contact with BPA.

  • BPA is short for bisphenol-a, which is a chemical used in the production of polycarbonate plastics that are used in plastic baby bottles, drinking bottles, and storage containers.

  • It needs to be stated that there is considerable debate as to just how dangerous BPA plastic is to people.

  • Other tests suggest that increased BPA exposure leads to accelerated puberty in female lab rats.

  • The human demographics that draw the most concern and appear to be at the highest risk for any potential health issues that could arise from BPA are infants and pregnant women.

  • Because infants ingest more than ten percent more BPA on average than an adult (relative to their body weight) they would appear to be at a higher risk.

  • It must be remembered, however, that these are trace amounts - micrograms - of BPA that have been detected in people.

  • While these facts are certainly cause for concern, there have simply not been enough large scale studies performed yet to implicate BPA as a definite health risk.

  • The Food and Drug Administration maintains that, at the levels that are found in commercial products, BPA poses no significant health risk.

  • Measures have been taken to limit the sale of plastic bottles made using BPA plastics in both the public and private sectors.

  • The city of Chicago recently became the first American city to ban the sale of baby products manufactured with BPA, although the state of Minnesota and Suffolk County, New York have signed similar measures.

  • The retailers Wal-Mart and Babies-R-Us have also started selling BPA-free baby bottles, and Nalgene and Playtex have ceased production of BPA bottles.

  • Many people want to know if a plastic bottle they use is made from BPA plastic.

  • The short answer is, if it's clear and plastic and doesn't say BPA-free on it, the bottle is made of BPA.

  • The irony in the public response to BPA is that most of it is focused on plastic bottles, but the majority of BPA is ingested through the polycarbonate lining in canned foods.

  • While some BPA-free canned products are slowly creeping onto the market, the vast majority still contains BPA.

  • This is because heat increases the likelihood that BPA will seep into your food.

  • Switching to fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables and avoiding other canned foods is another great way to reduce your consumption of BPA.

  • Much research is presently being conducted on this matter, and more data will help to settle the case of whether or not BPA plastic is a major health concern.

  • Government of Canada - The Canadian government has an informative question and answer website devoted to BPA.

  • The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - The NIEHS also has an excellent and informative website that addresses the BPA issue.

  • The Klean Kanteen Company offers an array of beverage containers and accessories free of BPA plastics.

  • The actual products were BPA free, stainless steel drink containers that came in 26 ounce and 12 ounce sizes.

  • GH: The Filtrete Water Station bottles are made of a BPA free #7 plastic, which is also recyclable.

  • Some plastics aren't suitable for food storage while others are certified as being BPA (Bisphenol A) free.

  • The product is made from medical-grade material, is hypo-allergenic, BPA free, and latex free.

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