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boy-band Sentence Examples

  • However, there are ways to work a little pop-culture into your cat's name without employing the names of your favorite boy band members.

  • From Mickey Mouse Club to boy band staple, to successful solo career, Justin Timberlake has accomplished much in his short life.

  • With boy band mania just starting to build in the 1990s, Timberlake and friend Chris Kirkpatrick started their group *N Sync with JC Chasez (from Mouse Club), Joey Fatone and Lance Bass.

  • His work on a solo album was an excellent opportunity to show that he was more than his boy band persona, and in March 2002, he and Spears broke up.

  • Although he got his big break as a Mousekeeter and member of the boy band *N Sync, Justin Timberlake now enjoys a successful musical career as a solo artist.

  • However, just because he's got the chops to dance boy-band style doesn't necessarily mean that he's cut out for the ballroom circuit.

  • When Jesse McCartney was 12, he joined Dream Street, a pop boy band from New York.

  • Viewers of the new game show may recognize Fatone as a member of the boy band 'N Sync.

  • With all the dancing he did as part of the boy band extraordinaire NSYNC, does anyone else thing that Lance Bass has a bit of an advantage?

  • Many boy band members from Guns 'n' Roses and Poison rocked the mullet along with their eclectic fashions and makeup.

  • Everyone from boy band rock stars like Bon Jovi to teeny bopper artists such as Debbie Gibson and Tiffany all wore the heavy bang.

  • Not long after she was traveling the country for a series of concerts and eventually hooked up with boy band N'Sync and became their opening act.

  • Sadly, the end of the 20th century saw the return of the boy band and the lip-synching pop diva.

  • In 2002, Simpson married her longtime boyfriend, Nick Lachey of the boy band 98 Degrees.

  • This song is treading dangerously close to boy band territory.

  • New Kids On The Block MP3 downloads have soared in popularity in recent years, thanks to the reunion of the incredibly popular boy band.

  • In fact, the boy band came very close to being dropped by their record label right before they took off.

  • New Kids On The Block was formed in 1984 by Maurice Starr, who was the brains behind early/mid 80s R&B boy band success story New Edition.

  • He joined a boy band called Dream Street and performed and toured with the band until 2002.

  • A few have dance training thanks to their career background (such as boy band singer Lance Bass), but most have never set foot on a dance floor, making for some great outtakes and behind the scenes footage on each episode.

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