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bested Sentence Examples

  • You've been bested by a mere woman!

  • "You've not bested me yet, woman," he growled.

  • He knew he had been bested from the first day.

  • Having been raised as rivals in all areas, A'Ran took a very unwarrior-like satisfaction out of having bested Kisolm finally.

  • She's bested my best battle planners with her mind.

  • In Boss Rush Mode you will can time yourself as you run through each of the bosses you bested through your first run through the castle.

  • After the song's rendition, Kara DioGuardi surprised, and some say bested, her nemesis by unzipping her black dress to reveal a bikini, and a bikini-ready body, of her own.

  • The silk bucket is attractive enough, but it's bested by a variety of laid-back, country-style plaid prints.

  • In addition to dispensing her wisdom about matters of love, friendship and life, she has also bested Commander Worf in a phaser target competition.

  • Likewise on Naboo, I don't believe Darth Maul bested Qui-Gon because the Jedi was lacking in strength or he was old and tired.

  • The battle was particularly ferocious, as the Lion could only be bested through physical combat - as no weapon would kill it.

  • This can be a great way to start the day and allows the user to pick the type of music that is bested suited to their own needs.

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