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banquette Sentence Examples

  • banquette seating provides a little more intimacy.

  • US diner-style fixed counter stools, Leatherette banquette seating or sectioned booths of suitably utilitarian design are all perfectly acceptable.

  • We've changed the chairs, we've introduced banquette seating in the newer ones but essentially it's the same product.

  • We 've changed the chairs, we 've introduced banquette seating in the newer ones but essentially it 's the same product.

  • One of the decisions you'll need to make upfront is whether or not to use a booth or banquette seating arrangement or a table with chairs.

  • In some instance, you may have a banquette style of seating that will require a different kind of cushion since some banquettes have hidden storage underneath the seat.

  • If your nook is a booth, banquette, or fits snuggly against a corner, you'll want to add pillows to soften the lines and also create a homey inviting look.

  • Since this period translates well for kitchen design, consider adding some banquette seating to your kitchen or some 50s style bar stools at your counter.

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