Bandaging sentence examples

  • Instead, he focused hard on cleaning up her blood and bandaging her arm before the scent drove him too wild to control himself.

  • He said nothing more until he started bandaging her shoulder.

  • Alex finished bandaging her shoulder.

  • Jade locking her in a trunk, Katie screaming at him not to cut off her hand while she writhed on the bed, Katie sobbing and bandaging her after, blurred memories, the vision of ocean and sand, nothing.

  • Compression bandages crepe, cotton crepe and cotton, polyamide, and elastane bandaging all provide support without exerting undue pressure.

  • Other features reminiscent of the original barbarous rites in the primitive caverns of the East, no doubt also occupied a place in the cult; bandaging of eyes, binding of hands with the intestines of a fowl, leaping over a ditch filled with water, witnessing a simulated murder, are mentioned by the Pseudo-Augustine; and the manipulation of lights in the crypt, the administration of oaths, and the repetition of the sacred formulae, all contributed toward inducing a state of ecstatic exaltation.

  • Skin picking is best managed by ignoring the behavior, treating and bandaging sores, and providing substitute activities for the hands.

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