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bail out

bail out Sentence Examples

  • We used to go there to bail out the old man.

  • We used to go there to bail out the old man.

  • pizzeria owner asked him for a $ 5,000 loan to bail out his bankrupt business.

  • The second factor is that bankruptcy laws have changed, and by October 2005 it will make it harder to bail out of repaying credit card or November credit card bills.

  • Legislation passed making it harder to declare bankruptcy, the favored bail-out choice, and increasing minimum payment requirements credit card issuers would be encouraged to charge.

  • Previously, bankruptcy law abuses happened by both businesses and consumers who opted to bail out of the sinking debt ships they recklessly created, leaving small business owner-creditors holding the bag.

  • Look for bail-out spots, where you can exit the fastest water and pull out to safety if you get into trouble.

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