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backwash Sentence Examples

  • backwash the filter very well to clean it out.

  • If it has a strong backwash it will drag large amounts of material down the beach.

  • This method of passing the line lessens the danger of the heavy backwash carrying the towline into the screws of either or both boats.

  • backwash effect '?

  • backwash valve and 1.5m drain hose.

  • backwash frequently enough.

  • supernatant water from sludge and backwash solids.

  • The last backwash of the movement from the west occurs: a backwash which serves to solve the apparently insuperable diplomatic difficulties and ends the military movement of that period of history.

  • Recommendation 31 Attention needs to be given to the effective design of systems for separating supernatant water from sludge and backwash solids.

  • Run the pool filter continuously until the water is clear making sure to backwash the filter as often as necessary.

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