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backache Sentence Examples

  • backache caused by locals stretching for their wallets.

  • Concerns I've got terrible backache My bump's making jerky movements Want to know more?

  • Gone are the days of just having a backache!

  • Whereas, women in relationships suffered more backache and insomnia!

  • Other signs include backache or that heavy feeling you get during your period.

  • Acupuncture can successfully treat: lower backache Arthritis Headaches Muscle spasms There are various forms of acupuncture.

  • Previous data have suggested that an epidural may increase the incidence of chronic backache.

  • He was feverish 38°C and complaining of rash, headache, severe backache and nausea.

  • In acute simple backache there is not need for an X-ray.

  • backache labor.

  • backache pain with each contraction and this was the only way I could cope with it.

  • Some observational studies have shown increased rates of long term backache and headache.

  • Is the phrase that springs to mind tonight - got that lovely late pregnancy backache - bleurgh.

  • In a small minority of women, it has been considered to be a cause of pelvic discomfort or backache.

  • Denying self isn't about giving up chocolate for Lent and taking up our cross isn't about enduring backache.

  • Whether you suffer from arthritis, backache, migraines, sore muscles, hives, poison ivy or sports related pain, Hyland's offer many products that will make you feel like yourself again.

  • However, a headache, backache, and carpal tunnel can all occur after searching the internet endlessly for that perfect item.

  • The baby's weight can also give you a backache, especially if you have to stand for very long.

  • Some women experience lower backache starting in early pregnancy.

  • Low backache may also be a sign that the woman's menstrual period is about to start or it could be the result of a strain or other injury.

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