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baby-talk Sentence Examples

  • Episode 4 (27 SEP 76) Baby Talk Mildred has become very broody.

  • A traditional shower is fine if you're into tradition, but some of your single friends will probably be pretty bored by all the baby talk.

  • Babies Online offers numerous freebies for babies of all ages, including free one-year subscriptions to Baby Talk Magazine and American Baby Magazine.

  • Symptoms of emotional upset includes regressive behaviors like bedwetting or baby-talk, increased aggression, increased fearfulness and sudden disobedience.

  • "The (Not So) Great American Baby Diet: A New Study Sheds Light on What Our Babies and Toddlers are Eating Today-And How You Can Improve Their Diet for Tomorrow" Baby Talk 69 (February 1, 2004): 45.

  • They can also speak clearly in complete sentences around their children and not use baby talk.

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