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axion Sentence Examples

  • One was a new neutral particle called the axion, less than one-millionth of the mass of an electron.

  • Those in the professional skateboard circuit are probably familiar with Axion footwear.

  • With low-top and high-top designs, Axion footwear is suitable for anyone who wants to add casual cool to his outfit.

  • If you're not familiar with Axion, it may be because the brand suffered a setback after its glory days in the 1990s.

  • Axion footwear was founded by pro skateboarder Kareem Campbell and was a popular name until the company went bankrupt.

  • It's not as easy to find Axion shoes as it is some other brands.

  • If you love this name for nostalgic purposes or you want to check out the newest designs, you may have to do some searching to find Axion footwear near you.

  • Jays Board Shop carries a small selection of Axion shoes.

  • Skate Warehouse offers Axion models in Mandela, Nino and Liberty.

  • Overload Skateshop doesn't have a big selection of Axion footwear, but it has other Axion merchandise, including tee shirts and caps.

  • You can also look into auction sites like eBay for new and/or used Axion footwear.

  • Axion shoes are made in a style that closely fits into the typical skateboarding shoe.

  • While Axion's heyday seemed to be in the 1990s, there's no reason to think the company can't make a comeback.

  • You can already find the newest styles offered by Axion.

  • Pro skater, amateur or just looking for a cool pair of kicks -- Axion has a shoe for you.

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