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autoresponder Sentence Examples

  • Usually a 5-sequence letter is an email used in direct marketing, sent via autoresponder, which walks customers through a sales sequence.

  • This form of email marketing is a way to set up your email autoresponder so that it automatically sends a message to your list members when they take certain actions.

  • They'll automatically receive the message via your autoresponder and you don't have to initiate it.

  • Triggered email marketing would not be possible without an email autoresponder service.

  • Sending triggered email messages is also a common feature of email marketing autoresponder services.

  • If you're in the market for an email autoresponder service, you should make sure that it lets you segment your list for email marketing messages so that you can employ this method.

  • Re-send the message to those who didn't open the message.Most email autoresponder programs will allow you to resend a message to non-openers.

  • This technique may require a little advanced know how of your email autoresponder service works, but when it's mastered it's very effective.

  • By using a good autoresponder service, you can segment your list into sections based on their actions and send triggered messages that get results.

  • Follow your autoresponder's instructons for segmenting your list and you'll be able to put this strategy to work for you.

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