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automaton Sentence Examples

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  • One such entirely abortive scheme involved designing an automaton ' to play a game of purely intellectual skill successfully ' .

  • First, the rewrite rules are transformed into so-called minimal rewrite rules, using the pattern-match automaton of Hoffmann and O'Donnell.

  • This three methods operate on a array called automaton.

  • The best way is to build and simulate an automaton for the pattern.

  • The set of words recognized by an automaton is called the language of the automaton.

  • A deterministic automaton has only one next state for a specific input symbol.

  • In Rule 110 we can find each one of the elements to identify a cellular automaton of von Neumann type.

  • The maximum number of states that the finite automaton requires is set by default to 500.

  • It would not be a whole, separate human being but a mere soulless automaton.

  • They demonstrate how to design a one-dimensional cellular automaton that supports infinite families of signals of different speeds.

  • automaton model, which simulates the propagation of lava tubes.

  • automaton chains.

  • This contrasts with ACT in the sense that learning in a neural state automaton does not demand the physical changes associated with lifetime evolution.

  • Moralists found the story of the chess automaton irresistible.

  • automaton with two states in its alphabet and which evolves in one dimension.

  • cellular automaton for the design of combinational circuits of a given number of inputs.

  • finite automaton requires is set by default to 500.

  • To regard himself as a conscious automaton he can never be persuaded.

  • So much for the numbers and ratios, I'm beginning to sound like a tour guide or an automaton server; let's get serious.

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