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attendances Sentence Examples

  • These results are to the effect that in all respects the Baptists come second to the Anglicans in the following three particulars:-(I) Percentage of attendances at public worship contributed by Baptists, Io 81 (London County), 10.70 (Greater London); (2) aggregate of attendances, 54'597; (3) number of places of worship, 443.

  • The conditions of enlistment and reserve in the territorial force are a four years' engagement (former yeomen and volunteers being however allowed to extend for one year at a time if they desire to do so), within each year a consecutive training in camp of 14-18 days and a number of "drills" (attendances at company and battalion parades) that varies with the branch and the year of service.

  • attendances for guineas.

  • dwindlen the subject of the Bluebirds ' dwindling attendances he admits he does not have all the answers.

  • Attendances dwindle, young people don't join, union leaders become persuaders on salaries way above their members.

  • predetermined attendances (PDA) based on risk.

  • They blame a recent drop in theater attendances on the impression that the West End has become seedy in recent years.

  • Last season, Crawley Town was one of only twenty-one Non League clubs to achieve average attendances of 1,000 or higher.

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