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argumentative Sentence Examples

  • What an argumentative fellow you are, Monsieur Pierre!

  • The relation between the two Rhetorics turns on their treatment of rational, argumentative, artificial evidences.

  • Thus both are hortatory writings, the one argumentative in form, the other prophetic, after the manner of later Old Testament prophets whose messages came in visions and similitudes.

  • His argumentative force was recognized at once, but the full scope of his powers was first shown on the 2nd of February 1775, when he spoke on the disputes with the colonies.

  • Accordingly the epideictic sophists in exposition, and the argumentative sophists in debate, one and all, studied, not matter but style, not accuracy but effect, not proof but persuasion.

  • As we cannot without a tittle of evidence accept such a consequence, we conclude that Aristotle formulated the distinction between argumentative and adventitious, artificial and inartificial evidences, both in the Rhetoric to Alexander and in the Rhetoric; and that the former as well as the latter is a genuine work of Aristotle, the founder of the logic of rhetoric.

  • In these debates Douglas, the champion of his party, was over-matched in clearness and force of reasoning, and lacked the great moral earnestness of his opponent; but he dexterously extricated himself time and again from difficult argumentative positions, and retained sufficient support to win the immediate prize.

  • His father was called to the bench in 1755, and for the next three years Wedderburn stuck to his practice in Edinburgh, during which period he employed his oratorical powers in the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, and passed his evenings in the social and argumentative clubs which abound in Edinburgh.

  • Apart, however, from these pseudo-revelations the Theosophical Society has given rise to an extensive literature, some of which displays a high degree of argumentative and expository ability; and moreover the movement has from time to time attracted the attention and secured the co-operation of many earnest seekers, of some few of whom it can be truly said that they possessed undoubted spiritual power, insight and knowledge.

  • Still in the end it was due in large measure to the learning and argumentative power devoted to this subject by the French Protestant scholar, Louis Capell, and, amongst others, by the English Protestant scholar, Brian Walton, that by the end of the 77th century this particular controversy was practically at an end; criticism had triumphed, and the later origin of the vowels was admitted.

  • Cobden's argumentative speeches were regarded more sympathetically than Bright's more rhetorical appeals, and in a debate on Villiers's annual motion against the Corn Laws Bright was heard with so much impatience that he was obliged to sit down.

  • Plato further simplified the form, and reduced it to pure argumentative conversation, while leaving intact the amusing element of character-drawing.

  • But the intenser religious life before which deism fell was also a revolt against the abstract and argumentative orthodoxy of the time.

  • The argument of these books, however, depends in turn upon the assumption of a benevolent Creator desirous of communicating with His creatures for their good; and the Natural Theology, by applying the argument from design to prove the existence of such a Deity, becomes the foundation of the argumentative edifice.

  • In the autumn of 1696, Stillingfleet, an argumentative ecclesiastic more than a religious philosopher, in his Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity, charged Locke with disallowing mystery in human knowledge, especially in his account of the metaphysical idea of " substance.

  • I prefer not to give my advice there anymore it all gets very argumentative.

  • argumentative discourse.

  • argumentative essays, each of around 1000 words.

  • argumentative strategies employed by the members of the first group.

  • argumentative structures.

  • argumentative texts tend to have higher values on the second principal component than descriptive texts.

  • He feels useless and becomes argumentative with family and friends.

  • Mr Dunlevy earlier made the point that some of my questions seemed rather argumentative.

  • party then by its agents prepares and presents its case in a narrative or argumentative form, annexing thereto all relevant documents.

  • The fertility of argumentative resource, the copiousness of rhetoric, and the physical energy which he threw into the enterprise, would have been remarkable at any stage of his public life; continued into his eighty-fifth year they were little less than miraculous.

  • The lecture was delivered with great energy; but it was sober and argumentative, and often eloquent.

  • In these relationships you can be too argumentative and defensive.

  • I don't want to appear deliberately argumentative, but there are falsehoods in that statement.

  • I could see what an unnecessarily argumentative, selfish person I had become, and this made me feel even worse.

  • argumentative writing.

  • No later letters in this sample give occasion for the use of what we might call the " argumentative semicolon.

  • No later letters in this sample give occasion for the use of what we might call the argumentative semicolon.

  • Behavioral signs might include displaying aggressive behaviors, throwing or destroying objects or being argumentative.

  • Available in several different patterns, these colorful bed covers show off the rascally cat and mouse at their argumentative best.

  • Oppositional defiant disorder-An emotional and behavioral disorder of children and adolescents characterized by hostile, deliberately argumentative, and defiant behavior towards authority figures that lasts for longer than six months.

  • Reported problems include obsessive/compulsive behaviors, depression, temper tantrums and violent outbursts, and tendencies to be argumentative, oppositional, rigid, manipulative, possessive, and stubborn.

  • The argumentative Rhonetta Johnson, from the Greensboro audition, is remembered for having some harsh words for Paula, as well as for apparently forgetting to put her knickers on that morning.

  • Not all of the women take kindly to being put into the "hot seat," and although Steve has valid points to make more than one woman has become argumentative or even walked away from the situation in a huff.

  • 6th, 1907), probably the longest and most argumentative papal utterance extant, also aims primarily at Loisy, although here the vehemently scholastic redactor's determination to piece together a strictly coherent, complete a priori system of "Modernism" and his self-imposed restriction to medieval categories of thought as the vehicles for describing essentially modern discoveries and requirements of mind, make the identification of precise authors and passages very difficult.

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