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agitate Sentence Examples

  • This feeling began to agitate me with a vexing, forward-reaching sense of a lack that should be filled.

  • He continued, however, so openly to agitate for the retrocession of the country, being a member of two deputations which went to England endeavouring to get the annexation annulled, that in 1878 Sir Theophilus Shepstone, the British administrator, dismissed him from his service.

  • She rose and trailed him from the house to the car, unable to guess what could agitate him if killing people didn't.

  • He'd done his part to agitate Kisolm and received every bit as much as he'd given.

  • This extreme reaction displeased Theramenes, who in return began to agitate for the calling of the 5000 into real existence.

  • The calcination is preferably effected in mechanical roasters, it being especially necessary to agitate the ore continually, otherwise it cakes.

  • They would agitate by means of the so-called National Masonry, or National Patriotic Society as it was afterwards called, for the restoration of the full kingdom of Poland.

  • Margaret, quarrelling with her husband over money matters, sided at first with Arran and began to agitate for a divorce from Angus.

  • This increased his influence with the secret society, which, under the feeble government of Tewfik Pasha and the Dual Control, began to agitate against Europeans.

  • In view of his attitude before annexation, it was not surprising that Kruger should be one of the first men to agitate against it afterwards.

  • The name doctor scholasticus was applied originally to any teacher in such an ecclesiastical gymnasium, but gradually the study of dialectic or logic overshadowed the more elementary disciplines, and the general acceptation of " doctor " came to be one who occupied himself with the teaching of logic. The philosophy of the later Scholastics is more extended in its scope; but to the end of the medieval period philosophy centres in the discussion of the same logical problems which began to agitate the teachers of the 9th and 1 oth centuries.

  • Time was on the side of the moderates; they succeeded in placing General Pichegru, already known for his tendencies towards constitutional monarchy, in the presidential chair of the Council of Five Hundred; and they proceeded to agitate, chiefly through the medium of a powerful club founded at Clichy, for the repeal of the revolutionary and persecuting laws.

  • In effect, therefore, Mayow - who also gives a remarkably correct anatomical description of the mechanism of respiration - preceded Priestley and Lavoisier by a century in recognizing the existence of oxygen, under the guise of his spiritus nitro-aereus, as a separate entity distinct from the general mass of the air; he perceived the part it plays in combustion and in increasing the weight of the calces of metals as compared with metals themselves; and, rejecting the common notions of his time that the use of breathing is to cool the heart, or assist the passage of the blood from the right to the left side of the heart, or merely to agitate it, he saw in inspiration a mechanism for introducing oxygen into the body, where it is consumed for the production of heat and muscular activity, and even vaguely conceived of expiration as an excretory process.

  • These and other elaborate efforts, however, failed to bring about the return of the king to Hanover, though the Guelph party continued to agitate and to hope even after the Franco-German War had immensely increased the power and the prestige of Prussia.

  • He was one of the most conspicuous of the small revolutionary party, chiefly of the shopkeeper class, who formed a permanent committee in June 1784 to agitate for reform, and called a convention of delegates from all parts of Ireland, which met in October 1784.

  • burdens increased they began to agitate for reforms. In 1892 (the year in which the railway from Cape Town reached the Rand), the National Union was founded at Johannesburg by ex-Cape Colonists of the Imperial progressive party.

  • He may not be ready to talk, bringing it up may only agitate him or make him sad.

  • From the moment that such former revolutionists as Sagasta, Ulloa, Leon y Castillo, Camacho, Alcnzo Martinez and the marquis de la Vega de Armijo declared that they adhered to the Restoration, Canovas did not object to their saying in the same breath that they would enter the Cortes to defend as much as possible what they had achieved during the Revolution, and to protest and agitate, legally and pacifically, until they succeeded in re-establishing some day all that the first cabinet of Alphonso XII.

  • Her scent permeated his very skin to agitate his already heated blood.

  • Agitate the garment in cold water until the stain is gone.

  • A rise then came in the wages of agricultural labourers, but this had the unforeseen effect of destroying the union; for the labourers, deeming their object gained, ceased to "agitate."

  • agitate the minds of the local people who may be compelled to contrast their own lives with ours.

  • agitate on behalf of breast cancer awareness.

  • Cool, gentle hand wash, do not agitate or wring, dry flat, do not spin or tumble dry.

  • These older titles are prepared at least four months in advance, so if there's something for which you want to agitate, bug the studio in good time.

  • The Boers, however, continued to agitate for complete independence, and, with the honourable exception of Piet Uys, a gallant Boer leader, and a small band of followers, who assisted Colonel Evelyn Wood at Hlobani, the Boers held entirely aloof from the conflict with the Zulus, a campaign which cost Great Britain many lives and £5,000,000 before the Zulu power was finally broken.

  • The conversion to Islam of Nikudar Abmad, the third of the Ilkhan rulers of Persia, and the consequent troubles in the western Mongol empire, let to a suspension of hostilities between Egypt and the Ilkhans (see PERSIA: History, B), though the latter did not cease to agitate in Europe for a renewal of the Crusades, with little result.

  • If there is a bra you wear regularly, you should contact the maker and let them know; the more women who agitate for this sort of design, the more likely it is to come into fruition.

  • So as a means to titillate but not agitate, breast pasties were used to cover the nipple and thus give the illusion of toplessness.

  • Gently agitate the water and soak for several minutes.

  • Soak silk panties in lukewarm water and slowly agitate the garment after about five minutes.

  • Do n't wring out or agitate too much and dry flat.

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