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adventuresome Sentence Examples

  • adventuresome entrepreneurs and conquerors.

  • We really want to capture the adventuresome and pioneering spirit he brought to Napster in a way that is not the ordinary biopic.

  • Although accommodations are not first-class, traveling on ships can be adventuresome and enjoyable.

  • Her whimsical and adventuresome spirit puts her so much on her mettle that she makes rather a poor subject for the psychological experimenter.

  • The buffet selections were both adventuresome and delicious, while the deli and pizzeria both provided adequate, if not quite outstanding, fare.

  • It might be better to save these for your next growing season, unless you are just particularly brave and adventuresome.

  • Jewel Quest is a matching game with an Indiana Jones theme, complete with adventuresome font and all.

  • Children with developmental delays may tend to be more reserved and less adventuresome.

  • We ended up selling more of that model in a brief to adventuresome men, but the press really loved our designs.

  • Try a sunset canoe ride, or for the less adventuresome, take a charter boat cruise.

  • Lottery Scratchers - Are you feeling adventuresome and want to leave some of the spice up to chance?

  • However, unique to Camp Horizons is their equestrian camp for teen girls and their co-ed adventure camp that includes rock climbing, white water rafting, high ropes courses and even caving for the more adventuresome!

  • Boys programming tends to emphasize the adventuresome aspect of boys' personalities, and many boys camps offer a variety of adventures, such as kayaking, paint ball, high ropes, rock climbing and spelunking.

  • For the more adventuresome... more nail art.

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