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accident-prone Sentence Examples

  • You may be more susceptible to colds or other infections, or become more accident-prone.

  • He was very accident-prone child with a particular talent for head injuries that would have most parents investigated these days!

  • Why, one might almost jump to the conclusion that her accident-prone behavior might be chemically induced-then again, she could just be going through an awkward phase.

  • These slippers are the most popular varieties you'll find on the market, and they all work wonders for the typical accident-prone child.

  • He also falls in love with the accident-prone girl.

  • The Breitling Mens Professional Aerospace Avantage Watch 532 sports a durable titanium case, which is excellent for those that tend to be accident prone.

  • Many, especially older adults, find themselves sore and accident prone if they skip the prep time.

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