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acceding Sentence Examples

  • accedee will also be 162 new faces from the acceding states.

  • accede is the position on 1 May 2004 of goods from an acceding country?

  • He entered upon the duties of his office on the 19th of July 1809, and at first he gained popularity by acceding to the urgent appeals of the people and throwing open the trade of the country to all nations.

  • Moreover, through Bestuzhev's efforts, the credit of the Prussian king (whom he rightly regarded as more dangerous than France) at the Russian court fell steadily, and the vice-chancellor prepared the way for an alliance with Austria by acceding to the treaty of Breslau (1st of November 1743).

  • Lord Palmerston;trongly objected to the prince whom the French government;upported; and, almost immediately after acceding to office, ~e wrote a despatch in which he enumerated the various candilates for the queen of Spains hand, including Prince Leopold ~f Saxe-Coburg, a near relation of the prince consort, among the aumber.

  • The prince will be acceding to the throne after his father steps down from power.

  • Our country has no plans of acceding to the treaty as it is currently written.

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