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ac-dc Sentence Examples

  • I'm willing to put money on next year's headliners being Rammstein, Iron Maiden and AC/DC.

  • The original Twisted Sister line-up have also regrouped to record a cover of AC/DC 's ' Sin City ' for inclusion on the CD.

  • The FPM-5740 flow indicator is ac/dc low-voltage powered, and is a low-cost alternative featuring frequency and totalizer outputs.

  • Check and see what kind of batteries the units use and if AC/DC power adaptors are available for the unit you have in mind.

  • An AC/DC adaptor will allow passengers, especially kids, to watch TV as you drive.

  • Like Black Sabbath, AC/DC tend to straddle the heavy metal/hard rock boundary line, and also like Black Sabbath, with this song, it doesn't even matter.

  • They received hundreds of calls from AC/DC loving pranksters.

  • If AC/DC and Black Sabbath straddle hard rock and metal, then Poison definitely straddles hard rock and pop.

  • Erin Lucas - One of Whitney's oldest friends and daughter to AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams.

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