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abatements Sentence Examples

  • Our aim is to devise tax credits, refunds, and abatements in order to benefit these non-profit organizations.

  • Tax abatements ease the strain on property owners, because they lessen the amount of property tax that is owed.

  • To close the deal, the city provided millions of dollars in tax abatements.

  • established on all incomes over X60, with abatements between £60 and £ 200.

  • The reasons are that with the tax at a low rate it has been found much less intolerable than during the Napoleonic War, when it was at the rate of 10 per cent., while the pressure of the tax has also been greatly mitigated by placing very high the minimum income subject to it, and giving abatements upon the lower taxable incomes.

  • There have been great complaints also of injustice by the possessors of temporary and precarious incomes, who have to pay the same rate of tax as the owners of permanent incomes from property, although these complaints have been diminished to some small extent by the raising of the minimum limit of the income assessed and the increase of the principle of abatements.

  • The varieties of income charged being very great, and special claims for consideration having been set up at different times, the result has been the formation of an income tax code, defining the methods and rules for assessing the different classes of profits and income, and prescribing the way in which abatements and exemptions are to be obtained.

  • Of course there may be single taxes which are progressive in form, such as the licence tax in France, or the income tax in Great Britain, where progression is established by abatements, or the death duties, where progression by scale is very common.

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