Zopa sentence examples

  • low-rent offices - or at least a minimal back office - are a key part of the Zopa proposition.

  • If you are interested in utilizing the services of a P2P lending site for this purpose, you may want to consider Prosper or Zopa.

  • Popular P2P lending sites include Prosper and Zopa.

  • Lama Zopa was Lama Yeshe's successor and searched for months for the promised earthly "rebirth" of his guru.

  • Lama Zopa followed Tibetan tradition of using Oracles, dreams and clairvoyants for insight.

  • Lama Zopa's efforts produced a moderately specific description of who the reincarnated child would be.

  • The proof of Lama Yeshe's reincarnation came in 1985 when Lama Zopa spotted a baby named Osel on the floor of a meditation room in Osel-Ling.

  • He looked identical to the child in Lama Zopa's dream.

  • He leaned up against Lama Zopa just like Lama Yeshe had after his stroke.

  • The baby had been born on the exact day Lama Zopa had the dream about Lama Yeshe being reborn.

  • In this case Lama Zopa performed the following tests in front of witnesses.

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