Quercy sentence examples

  • - Guienne (Quercy).

  • QUERCY (Lat.

  • In the middle ages it was divided into upper, or black, Quercy, and lower, or white, Quercy, the capital of the former being Cahors and of the latter Montauban.

  • Its two other chief towns were Figeac and Moissac. Ecclesiastically it was included almost entirely in the diocese of Cahors until 1317, when a bishopric for lower Quercy was established at Montauban.

  • Under the Romans Quercy was part of Aquitania prima, and Christianity was introduced therein during the 4th century.

  • During the wars between England and France in the reign of Henry II., the English placed garrisons in the county, and by the treaty of Paris in 1259 lower Quercy was ceded to England.

  • In the 16th century Quercy was a stronghold of the Protestants, and the scene of a savage religious warfare.

  • Quercy was early an industrial district.

  • The deposits near Caylus and in Quercy occupy fissures and pockets in Jurassic limestone, and have yielded a remarkable assemblage of the relics of Tertiary mammals and other fossils.

  • The duchy of Aquitaine was reconstructed, so as to include not only the lands that Edward had inherited, and his recent conquests, but all Poitou, Limousin, Angoumois, Quercy, Rouergue and Saintongea full half of France south of the Loire.

  • From the first Poitou, Quercy, Rouergue and the Limousin chafed beneath the English yoke; the noblesse in especial found the comparatively orderly and constitutional governance to which they were subjected most intolerable~ They waited for the first opportunity to revolt, and meanwhile murmured against every act of theit duke, the prince of Wales, though he did his best to behave as a gracious sovereign.

  • The greater part of Poitou, Quercy and Rouergue had been lost, and the English cause was everywhere losing ground, when a new danger was developed.

  • The demand was absurd and exorbitant and was refused, though the French government offered him the hand of their kings daughter Catherine with a dowry of 800,000 crowns and the districts of Quercy and Prigordsufficiently handsome terms. When he began to collect a fleet and an army, they added to the offer the Limousin and other regions; but Henry was determined to pick his quarrel, and declared war in an impudent and hypocritical manifesto, in which he declared that he was driven into strife against his will.

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