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oppian Sentence Examples

  • For instance, in the seventh homily the fable of the nuptials of the viper and the conger-eel,'known already to Aelian and Oppian, and proceeding from a curious misreading of Aristotle (Hist.

  • The first hint of the employment of the dog in the pursuit of other animals is given by Oppian in his Cynegetica, who attributes it to Pollux about zoo years after the promulgation of the Levitical law.

  • In 1555 he published his first work, a translation of Oppian's Cynegeticon into Latin verse, with a commentary.

  • 471; Oppian, Cyn.

  • Four books of Cynegetica, extending to about 2100 hexameters, by Oppian have also been preserved; the last of these is incomplete, and it is probable that a fifth at one time existed.

  • time formed the introduction to an extended work corresponding to that of Oppian.

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