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moleskin Sentence Examples

  • moleskin trousers I have now are far better.

  • moleskin breeches have served me well for many a long year.

  • moleskin pouch.

  • Descriptions of the following fabrics, which are not of course invariably made of cotton, will be found in separate articles: Baize, Bandana, Bombazine, Brocade, Calico, Cambric, Canvas, Chintz, Corduroy, Crape, Cretonne, Denim, Dimity, Drill, Duck, Flannelette, Fustian, Gauze, Gingham, Longcloth, Moleskin, Mull, Muslin, Nankeen, Print, Rep, Ticking, Twill, Velveteen.

  • This involves me with a little Moleskin notebook and a ballpoint pen, scribbling down ideas in a loose, unfocused way.

  • Adhesive strips, moleskin, or foam rubber traction strips are applied on the skin.

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