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mini-series Sentence Examples

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  • In an attempt to expand the bubblegum universe a three part mini series was introduced in 1990.

  • Another good one is the mini series by steven king called the Stand.

  • In an attempt to expand the bubblegum universe a three part mini series was introduced in 1990.

  • He also starred in a biographical mini-series about the making of a Design Star.

  • The Duff sisters were cast in television commercials before Hilary earned her first small role in the television mini-series True Women in 1997.

  • After playing a string of lightweight "love interest" roles, Berry took on the character of "Queen" for the television mini-series bearing the same name.

  • The mini-series was based on award winning African American author Alex Haley's book.

  • The mini-series was lauded by critics and went on to win a number of awards.

  • Emmy for "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Mini-Series or Movie."

  • Golden Globe for " Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV."

  • The original movie first became a three-part mini-series in 1983, followed by a full season series of 19 episodes.

  • Later that year Guffey would appear on television in the mini-series Chiefs, which told the story of a group of Southern police officers on the hunt for a serial killer.

  • Mortal Kombat is trying something deceptively similar to the failed mini-series that landed Sub-Zero his own side quest.

  • The film was aired at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and it won a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television, the film was also nominated for an Emmy award.

  • He's worked in various acting opportunities over the last three decades including a part in the mini-series War and Rememberance.

  • She portrayed Brett Main in the mini-series North and South and North and South Book II as well as the role in the series Bare Essences.

  • They are the long-form of the American mini-series.

  • Soap operas in mini-series format, the telenovela is a popular type of show seen by more than two billion viewers in Latin America, Spain and other areas of the world.

  • Despite their popularity, the mini-series format remains event television on traditional networks in the United States with soap operas relegated to ongoing daytime or primetime programming rather than limited series.

  • Initially aired as a mini-series on CBS, Dallas received a full season pick up in the fall of 1978 and would air for 13 full seasons, changing the landscape of the prime time soap opera.

  • The actress has appeared in numerous prime time projects and mini-series programs, returning repeatedly to GH and finally winning a Daytime Emmy in a supporting actress role.

  • Deadliest Catch was preceeded by a mini-series (America's Deadliest Season) and a documentary (The World's Deadliest Job).

  • When the fishing seasons were over on Season 4, Discovery created After the Catch, which was a mini-series following the captains of the ships during these off-seasons.

  • Padma Lakshmi played small roles in Italian television movies and mini-series' before picking up the role of Sylk in Mariah Carey's film Glitter in 2001.

  • The 4400 debuted on the USA cable network in July 2004 as a mini-series.

  • At the end of the mini-series, viewers learned that the 4400 were not abducted by aliens after all.

  • However, as the network succeeded in attracting more viewers (and more advertising dollars) the opportunity came to air first-run content and also create original movies and mini-series.

  • Longer-format mini-series have proven to be more successful in terms of quality on the channel.

  • Moore and David Eick for a 2003 mini-series and subsequent series on the Sci Fi Channel.

  • The following theories are just highlights of the speculation churning up the Internet fanbase since the mini-series began in 2003.

  • Battlestar Galactica characters are the central focus on the SciFi Channel's series that began with the 2003 mini-series and concluded in March, 2009 after four seasons and more than eighty episodes.

  • Played by Edward James Olmos, Adama is a career military officer preparing for retirement alongside Galactica when the mini-series debuted.

  • The Serenity also made a cameo appearance in the 2003 Battlestar Galactica mini-series.

  • The arrival of the Motherships was one of the greatest dramatic moments in science fiction mini-series history spawning similar feats in the film Independence Day and the 2009 remake of the series also known as V.

  • This three-part mini series released in 2007 offered something new and different and yet familiar as it featured a number of Star Trek alumni.

  • While the non-commercial approach to this Star Trek mini-series was new, many of the stars featured in Of Gods and Men were not.

  • Both the original series in the late 1970s and the re-imagined version, which aired as a mini-series and later, a full-fledged series for the then Sci-Fi Channel were enormously popular.

  • In the television mini-series V, the aliens' arrival heralded a new age of mankind with many eager to embrace the human form of the Visitors.

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